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CIRCLE VERSUS SQUARE. WOW. It had a good run there. I'm proud of this work. I realized a few weeks ago that it even informs my latest project "GoatVsFish." It's a live performance. I'M A COMEDIAN NOW! I like to say "comedic performance artist." Anyway, how I didn't see the connection with "VS" is pretty obvious in hindsight. Anyway, I've got plans for Circle Versus Square, but it'll take a while. No holding your breath. In the meantime, see my shenanigans on Instagram and Twitter and even on Facebook. Also, there's "The Joy of Drinking" on YouTube where I drink alcohol and do oil paintings with Bob Ross!

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The Goings-On
Goodbye Japan!
Well Japan, it's been great. But alas, now I am on an airplane back home.
I went to Nara yesterday, which was the capital of Japan before even Kyoto was. There, in Todai-ji you find a giant Buddah as well as other badassery.In addition to this, there tons of awesome deer just running wild around the city. I'm sure many of the locals must think they are a nuisance, but I found them pretty damn awesome. Here is a video that showcases some deer (I didn't take the video though).In any case, no sense dilly-dallying. I'll see you all stateside!
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